sea of the sinking sun

by Myriad

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released June 1, 1996

Drums by Justyn Roebig
Other instruments by Matthew Heindorff



all rights reserved


Myriad Brisbane, Australia

Very special thanks to everyone who has purchased the albums. The money goes directly back into making music. Your generosity is much appreciated!

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Track Name: gone
wake up on an icy morning and look to the sky
I landed on the plains of the morning
an hour behind the day
I'll move on tomorrow to a place where some things change

a few short days gone so quickly
may never be again
through the window the lights of the city
tell the story of the time we saw what would be
tomorrow is another day we'll go there too
Track Name: outside smile
you said you'd smile
and you would shine your ocean eyes
so you stepped in with style but you didn't smile at me
as you took your things down the hall
I'll never forget your big brown eyes
or the shock of it all

you said you'd do all that
and just a little more
form your mouth and get the words right
you had no idea at all …
and what did you think you would do?
you let it pass you by
didn't mean a thing to you
Track Name: at summer solstice
Track Name: cold under this sky
approaching night
the day has gone
the rain still falls
I sense the loss
I feel the change
darkness calls …

I walk down to the sea
called by the sky
from the south
a cold wind arrives

little girl on a bike
straight black hair
what does she know
about the world?
will she be scared?

a gentle breeze
slowly shakes
the window pane
distance calls
while the night still falls
home again …

(later … )

I can tell that you have been walking in the wind
I can see the cold in your eyes
the depth of the ocean will cover you
but you won't be surprised
Track Name: north sea road
find out first in the dark of dawn
going south to the snow on an eastern morn
where the night gets old and the forest sighs
and the mountain looms cold in the distant sky
I've never been here before …

river of rain still flowing on
rides slowly down as it meets the dawn
and the rain falls more on the listening ground
as you turn your head and look to the clouds

an ocean to travel a place to be
the moon shines on the road but I can't see
and I'm travelling further on this lonely way
yesterday's happenings will be tales for today

find out first in the winter's moon
the journey goes on and on and no end is in view
and the story is told of the future foretold
find the woman who'll tell you and the secret of old
do you think she can be seen?

(after many days, I finally found her deep in the mountains … )

now I'm here there's nothing to say
soon the day will have passed and I'll be on my way
so she told me the tale and give me a sign she said
"there's something you should know, a secret of mine
when you're walking along the north sea road
turn your head to the clouds and you'll know you were wrong
if the birds fly away and the ground breaks in two
and quietly proceeds to swallow you … "
Track Name: destiny's midst
destiny's midst is dark you can't hide
a dust cloud of fire holds the mystery of the night
give me a sign, how can I see in the dark?
are you alive? I tell you don't shake the glass
and I wonder, what could this all mean?

so much time to know what you want to know
it's not there your freaky backward motion scare
I see you've got to know all of this quite well
but you're losing that certain hope you haven't got
and I know that you know what this all means
Track Name: almost a joker
you were sitting under your pyramid
when I walked in your door
quietly meditating, observing the floor
I asked to forecast events for today
you wouldn't answer not a thing would you say

the first joke's on you, you're such a joker
the laugh is on me, the first joke awoken
your contact was blown over the mountain
as I walked away into forever ….

can you hear the way in which the wind calls out to you?
next time it does please let me know I want to follow you
we will walk the land all day in every direction
we will stare into space, into your reflection

all jokes are on you, you're such a joker
I could laugh my head off and no-one would notice
you're something to see, over the mountain
you live there alone and sing to the valley …