floating on ascending plains

by Myriad

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released January 1, 2001

Drums by Darren Finch
Other instruments by Matthew Heindorff



all rights reserved


Myriad Brisbane, Australia

Very special thanks to everyone who has purchased the albums. The money goes directly back into making music. Your generosity is much appreciated!

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Track Name: stepping stones to monastic overview
Track Name: visions of sinai (1st canto)
overlooking a valley of haze and sky
holding a picture of heaven in my mind's eye
a wind blows through the blackened tree as i die
overwhelming is this sense of space and time
beneath the temple the town in heat waves lies
cubic buildings arrayed in haphazard lines
ascend to the marble palace that stands in the sky
clash of cymbals, echo in my mind's eye

did you say that this was the land of your queen?
or are you teaching your children dreams?
are those teachings any more of a dream than our own?
time is when all shall be revealed

night descended as the tide lapped against drifting sands
under the pale orb a great peace settled and prevailed across the land
and as the sun began to descend beneath the rim of the earth
over your sacred stream the music began and sang of eternal mirth
as the rain approached from behind i found my place deep in your throng
guided by heaven to meet with the ones who knew where i had come from
passing through fields of fireflies and lightning illuminating our flight
i joined with you in hymns to unknown gods on this unearthly night

"save us now from the chaos and darkness that has come upon our journey home!"
listening, i contemplate
is the one you are praying to now aware of your fate?
this sacrifice our culture is performing is precipitating our decline
leading us away towards the ones who seeks to darken our minds
can we say we are chosen, we are saved?
but to those who are not of our ways
legends and myths be their guides?

arise at dawn feeling lost and forlorn
the sentinels giving us cause to mourn
the sun rises over symbols and signs
in stone your legends and wisdom inscribed
join the procession to enter the gate
searching for weapons succumb to our hate
the structure intended to edify
now a symbol of tension and ancient divide
Track Name: flood of understanding
Track Name: visions of sinai (2nd, 3rd and 4th cantos)
it's not without sadness that i perceive
the spirits of those who have departed from me
promises made to meet once again
panaceas to dull the pain when it ends
does this event hold a meaning in time?
a fragment of love before its demise?
in the fire of time your friendships have burned
ashes remain of all you have learned

descending into this unholy ravine
i am musing upon the singular scene
of screaming demons and shrieking winds
i search for silence amidst the din
heavy and darkness gather at point of horizon
coldness and ice settle into our minds
and as immense planet rolls upon her wings
now daylight is ending and darkness begins

emerging from this chaotic scene
i sit amidst the forest trees
sinking deep into the soul and mind
the ancient words reveal their meaning this time

now you say that i can't know
of that which can't be seen
or of what we call greater realities
i have all things
the earth and sky
you have your own word only
how can you deny
when the sun is shining?
Track Name: forever fading days
you can feel it in the seasons and the colour of the days
calling out from the sky in so many different ways
and when the time has come when nothing remains
remember this is the nature of forever fading days

and so it follows that those who are wise
lament not for the living nor for that which has died
and as your heart is consumed in the relentless passage of time
remember this is the nature of everything that is born to die